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Privacy Policy


118 Print & Design Limited 
Hereafter referred to as ‘118 print’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’,
Registered in England 7548678
Client(s) := Limited or corporate businesses or organisations such as schools, hospitals, government departments or agencies and other public bodies.
Contact(s) := The person or persons acting as representatives of the above clients ie you.
You := The person.
Data := Personal data.

At 118 Print, we are committed to protecting your privacy and information security. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully so that you are aware of the steps we take to protect your privacy, what information we collect. How we use it now or may use it in the future and what your rights are. 
This policy applies to when you visit our website, email, call or write to us. In certain circumstances we may also provide an extra privacy notice, which will always refer to this main policy.
We always strive to provide a method of best practise therefore this policy is considered as a work in progress and will be updated as deemed necessary to provide improvements to our service or to reflect any changes in law.

Who are ‘we’?
118 Print carries on a range of commercial print and promotional product activities to generate income for the business through telephone & email sales, Email marketing and online via our website.

Control of Information:
Any personal information provided to 118 print is controlled by 118 Print, 12 Birch House, Birch Lane Business Park, Aldridge, Birmingham WS9 0NF. 
We are a Business to Business only organisation (B2B) and never aim to target or keep information on individual consumers, as such any personal data we hold about you is wholly on the basis that such information is based on you being a director/ manager / officer or other representative contact of your or your employers business and not as an individual or end user consumer.
We’ll never sell your personal data and will only share it with organisations we work with when it’s necessary and the privacy and security of your data is assured.

We aim to process information about you fairly and in a transparent manner. The aim of this document is to provide you with sufficient information for you to be able to understand what we are doing with your data. If you are unsure how we are handling information about you or you think we could improve our privacy information please contact us.

What information do we collect?  
Your personal data (any information which identifies you, or which can be identified as relating to you personally for example, name, address, phone number, email address) will be collected and used by us. We’ll only collect the personal data that we need to establish you as a contact of a business.
We collect any data in connection with specific activities such as requesting a quotation, placing an order, employment etc. Our website is for information only and does not allow the creation of accounts thus usernames and passwords are not able to be stored.
You can give us your personal data by filling in forms on our website, or other social media functions on our website, promotion or survey or by corresponding with us (by phone, email) as a prospect or customer. 
This data you give will be limited to just enough information for us to satisfy an enquiry/order/delivery and may include name, title, address, title, job status, email address, telephone numbers.

Financial information (payment information such as credit or debit card or direct debit details)
If you buy products or services from us your details will be recorded and your association with that relationship will be recorded.

Additional information that will be required for employment is covered under that section listed below. 

We do not currently conduct any form of user tracking of our website

What we do with the information that we collect?:
We will never use your information in a way incompatible with this privacy notice. This will include amongst others that:
We will not put any information about you on general release nor will we sell such information;
We will not transfer personal data outside of the European Economic Area.
We do not buy in anonymous external data from outside sources (e.g. Census data, Mailing Lists, Experian etc). 
We do not interact, deal, sell or store information relating to Children.
We’ll only use your data on relevant lawful grounds as permitted by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (from 25 May 2018)/UK Data Protection Act and Privacy of Electronic Communication Regulation.
Data provided to us will be used in a transparent manner in accordance with any preferences you express. If asked by the police, or any other regulatory or government authority investigating suspected illegal activities, we may need to provide your personal data.

Your data may be collected and used to help us deliver our service, complete your order or request and provide any historical order tracking

Marketing communications: 
The European Commission GDPR does not require opt-in consent for Business to Business (B2B) email marketing to corporate companies where we believe our products or services will be of interest. The legislation does call for the interests of business individuals to be protected, meaning that you should be able to unsubscribe from receiving electronic marketing easily.  

If you choose to hear from us we may send you occasional information on our products or services. We may also show you similar products or services in line with other products that you may have enquired about or previously ordered.  We’ll only send these to you if you agree to receive them and we will never share your information with companies outside 118 Print. You can change your mind at any later date. However, if you tell us you don’t want to receive marketing communications, then you may not hear about other work we do that may be of interest to your business.

In terms of Marketing emails, we do not send any emails as we have an agreement with a 3rd party directory services Market Location - who provide all email marketing services on our behalf. This company hold and uses its own fuuly verified and double opted in information/data. WE use theor services on a fully managed basis and we do not have any sight of nor have any access/ control of their data (directly or indirectly). They have their own procedures and policies in place to acquire your permission to hold such information and to send marketing information to you on behalf of their clients (ie on our behalf). In addition at no time is any dcompany/personal data passed from them to us. You can contact them directly to request what information they hold about you or to opt out of mailers they issue for us. If you opt out at the foot of any one of our mailers it is not connected  in any way to us but directly opts you out from them. You can contact them at

Customer Services
Market Location
62 Anchorage Road 
Sutton Coldfield 
B74 2PG
Tel - 0800 118 2485 or 01252 941 224
Email - enquiry@marketlocation.com or customer.services@marketlocation.com website www.marketlocation.co.uk

Regretably due to GDPR we are unable to process any instruction to Market Location on your behalf as we have no control of authority to do so. We highly recomment that you contatc them by telephone or their web contact page as all contact this way is recorded. This company is not is not in any way connected to 118 Print & Design Limited

Although very rare - we may carry out research with customers, about their experience with us. We use this feedback to improve our service.  
If you choose to take part in research, we’ll tell you when you start what data we will collect, why and how we’ll use it. All the research we conduct is optional and you can choose not to take part.  

Any information we gather is used at an aggregate level and we do not conduct any personal profiling.

Recruitment and employment: 
Additional information may be required for employment purposes for example - date of birth, age, gender, employment status, demographic information, email address, telephone numbers, personal description, photographs, attitudes, opinions.
In order to comply with our contractual, statutory, and management obligations and responsibilities, we process personal data, including ‘sensitive’ personal data, from job applicants and employees.  
Such data can include, but isn’t limited to, information relating to health, racial or ethnic origin, and criminal convictions. In certain circumstances, we may process personal data or sensitive personal data, without explicit consent. Further information on what data is collected and why it’s processed is given below.
Contractual responsibilities: Our contractual responsibilities include those arising from the contract of employment. The data processed to meet contractual responsibilities includes, but is not limited to, data relating to: payroll, bank account, postal address, sick pay; leave, maternity pay, pension and emergency contacts.
Statutory responsibilities: Our statutory responsibilities are those imposed through law on the organisation as an employer. The data processed to meet statutory responsibilities includes, but is not limited to, data relating to: tax, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, family leave, work permits, equal opportunities monitoring.
Management responsibilities: Our management responsibilities are those necessary for the organisational functioning of the organisation. The data processed to meet management responsibilities includes, but is not limited to, data relating to: recruitment and employment, training and development, absence, disciplinary matters, e-mail address and telephone number.

Sensitive personal data:
The Act defines ‘sensitive personal data’ as information about racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs or other similar beliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health, sexual life, and criminal allegations, proceedings or convictions.  
In certain limited circumstances, we may legally collect and process sensitive personal data without requiring the explicit consent of an employee.
(a) We will process data about an employee’s health where it is necessary, for example, to record absence from work due to sickness, to pay statutory sick pay, to make appropriate referrals to the Occupational Health Service, and to make any necessary arrangements or adjustments to the workplace in the case of disability. This processing will not normally happen without the employee’s knowledge and, where necessary, consent.
(b) We will process data about, but not limited to, an employee’s racial and ethnic origin, their sexual orientation or their religious beliefs only where they have volunteered such data and only for the purpose of monitoring and upholding our equal opportunities policies and related provisions.
(c) Data about an employee’s criminal convictions will be held as necessary.

Disclosure of personal data to other bodies:
In order to carry out our contractual and management responsibilities, we may, from time to time, need to share an employee’s personal data with one or more third party supplier. 
To meet the employment contract, we are required to transfer an employee’s personal data to third parties, for example, to pension providers, payroll and HM Revenue & Customs.
In order to fulfil our statutory responsibilities, we’re required to give some of an employee’s personal data to government departments or agencies e.g. provision of salary and tax data to HM Revenue & Customs.

Updating your data and marketing preferences: 
We’ll always act upon your choice of how you want to receive communications (for example, by email, post or phone). However, there are some communications that we need to send. These are essential to fulfil our promises to you as a customer. Examples are: Payment receipts/ dispatch notifications etc.
If, at any time, you want to update or amend your personal data or marketing preferences or have any questions in relation to this privacy policy or how we use your personal data please contact us in one of the following ways: 

Email us (preferred method):
Email: Admin@118printdesign.co.uk with your full name, full address and company contact details. (This is our preferred method as we be sure track your request) 

Call us:  
0330 202 0552
Write to: 
The Manager
118 Print & Design Limited
12 Birch House
Birch Lane Business Park

Verification, updating or amendment of personal data will take place within 30 days of receipt of your request. (within 60 days for complicated requests)

Your data protection rights  
Where we use your personal data on the basis of consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. You also have the right to ask us to stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Subject access rights
If you would like further information on your rights or wish to exercise them, please write to us at :-

Admin Office 
118 Print & Design Limited
12 Birch House
Birch Lane Business Park

You will need to provide the following details:
The personal information you want to access;
Where it is likely to be held;
The date range of the information you wish to access
The company you are employed by

We will also need you to provide information that will help us confirm your identity. If we hold personal information about you, we will give you a copy of the information in an understandable format together with an explanation of why we hold and use it.
Once we have all the information necessary to respond to your request we’ll provide your information to you within one month.  This timeframe may be extended by up to two months if your request is particularly complex. 

What to do if you’re not happy:
In the first instance, please talk to us directly so we can resolve any problem or query. You also have the right to contact the Information Commissions Office (ICO) if you have any questions about Data Protection. You can contact them using their help line 0303 123 113 or at www.ico.org.uk.

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer when you visit certain websites. We use first party cookies (cookies that we have set, that can only be read by our website). Our web site is a set layout for all visitors and these cookies do not track personal information and are solely for the purposes of assisting with Google ranking etc.
You can control the use of cookies via your web browser.

Any information we hold is directly related to the clients business or organisation and is held as part of our accounts/company profile on our secure servers which are protected by firewalls etc. All information is for our own private company use. We endeavour to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal data including the use of encryption technology, but cannot guarantee the security of any data you disclose online. You accept the inherent security implications of sending information over the Internet and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security unless we have been negligent.

Applicable data protection law:
This privacy notice has been based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you are subject to more stringent data protection legislation please refrain from using our  website or any of our other services.

Errors. (Human and technical):
Our business is operated by Humans and not robots. Therefore occasional mistakes may occur. If you feel that you have “unsubscribed” but are still receiving email communications. Please call our customer services team who will manually opt you out or back in if you if you wish to continue to receive information.
Technical glitches or malfunctions are prone to happen resulting in some clients receiving duplicate emails etc- we will always strive to resolve any technical issues promptly to keep any issues to a minimum.

Changes to this notice:
We might periodically change this privacy notice. If we decide to change our privacy notice, we will post those changes on this page. We therefore recommend you re-visit this page periodically to check for changes.

Policy updated February  2023

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